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  • Recent Developments in the Captive Insurance Industry January 15, 2016
    Recent Developments in the Captive Insurance IndustryBy Shanique Hall, CIPR Senior Research Analyst• IntroductionCaptives, as an attractive alternative to self-insurance, have long been used by many prominent companies to manage their insurance risks. While the captive concept has existed for centuries, it has gained widespread acceptance only in the past few decades. Today, the captive […]
  • Captive Insurance Company Tax Issues January 15, 2016
    The main issue for the parent company and the captive insurance company is whether the captive is a valid insurance entity. This determination has an effect on the tax deduction for the premiums paid from the parent and/or related entities to the captive. In order for the captive to be treated as a true insurance entity […]
  • The Universal Captive January 12, 2016
    These notes embrace the concept of using a captive insurance company to cover all of the risks that are insured by the parent corporation.What are the advantages?The third solution is to use Americap’s proprietary solution, the Americap Line Slip. This is a proven solution that is only available to Americap’s clients and we will be happy […]
  • Chinese Government Announces New Tax Relief January 12, 2016
    Until now, health insurance has been a tiny segment of the Chinese insurance market and this is expected to change as a result of the new tax benefit. However, there are some doubts as to the profitability of this line due mainly to entrenched practices and the lack of control over claims costs.This is timed […]
  • How To Incorporate in Delaware January 12, 2016
    How to incorporate in Delaware & what you should know before and after you form your company | Incorporate today with Harvard Business Services, Inc. Source: How To Incorporate in Delaware
  • IRS Captive Definition January 11, 2016
    Captive Defined A captive insurance company is generally defined as a wholly owned insurance subsidiary. The purpose of a captive insurance company is to insure the risks of the parent and affiliated entities. Captives can either be formed as a domestic captive within the United States, or as a foreign captive in another country. When 100% of the […]